Mapple Juice Sparkling ROSE

Like sparkling jewelry, like gorgeous roses,
the newest best quality Sparkling ROSÉ is
shiningly present. The moment it is poured into
the glass,anyone will be instantly charmed.
Best quality non-alcoholic beverage.

Sparkling ROSÉ is made from carefully selected black grapes called
‘Yamanashi Prefecture muscatberry A’for winemaking.
Their black grapes are typical of Japanese grapes.100% pure grape
juice of no water, no sugar, no additive. Sparkling ROSÉ has the most delicious tastes which create luxurious atmosphere as champagne does.
Its shiny and lovely color of ruby and fine small bubbles will give a zest and bring happiness to you.


Variety : Muscatberry A / Yamanashi Prefecture

Color : Shining ruby color

Fruity aroma : aromatic raspberry (framboise),
strawberry, cherry and etc.

Refined taste : mellow sweetness, milder
sourness, agreeable astringency, and
appetizing tannin harmony of
freshness and refinement in taste.

A good degree of cooling:more or less 7 degree.