Mapple Juice

Luxurious Mapple Juice made from apple & grape varieties.
100% pure straight juice.

I met a glass of apple juice served at
a three-star restaurant in Paris.
Our Mapple juice business started in 2005.
No use of water, sugar, preservative and artificial flavor.
100% pure straight juice made in Japan.
Our business policy is to make the highest-quality apple juice;
selecting the suitable land for apple & grape culture,
harvesting at the right time and keeping fresh
to create delicious taste.

Press Release

  • 2017/11/14

    Mari Yuri producer Mari Yamada appeared on CBC Radio "Chika Kato Time of Otona". Broadcasting is available twice from 20: 00-20: 30 on November 18 (Sat) and 20: 00-20: 30 on Saturday, November 25.

  • 2017/06/01

    "ANA International Business Class / Honolulu route in-flight menu" Sparkling rose "will be handled as a limited time drink from June 1st to June 30th.


  • 2017/12/12

    【Winter holiday notice】 It will be closed in winter from 12/29 (Fri) to 1/8 (Monday). Those who wish to ship before the holiday, thank you for your order / settlement by 12/26 (Tuesday). (Please use card or cash on delivery settlement.)

  • 2017/12/05

    I waited! We will start selling all of the harvest grapejour series this season. Please do not miss this opportunity!


Name MACS Co.,Ltd.
Foundation October, 1988
Capital 20,000,000 yen
President Mari Yamada
Stock holder Maruyasu Industries Co.,Ltd.
[ ]
Business Retail sale of food & drinks, etc.
Management of cafeteria for emplyee
Number of employee 77
Registration Trademark (Mapple Juice)
Registration no.5108411/no.5192781
Temp agency registration no. toku23-305047
‘TABLE FOR TWO’in 2008
(food support for children in the developing countries)
Mapple juice Clients
Location 1 Kitayama , Hashimechou,Okazaki,
Aichi prefecture, Japan
TEL 0564-32-3600 
FAX 0564-32-5572
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