Mapple Juice

Luxurious Mapple Juice made from apple & grape varieties.
100% pure straight juice.

I met a glass of apple juice served at
a three-star restaurant in Paris.
Our Mapple juice business started in 2005.
No use of water, sugar, preservative and artificial flavor.
100% pure straight juice made in Japan.
Our business policy is to make the highest-quality apple juice;
selecting the suitable land for apple & grape culture,
harvesting at the right time and keeping fresh
to create delicious taste.

Press Release

  • 2019/08/26NEW

    Mapple apple juice "Fuji" is now available for ANA International First Class in-flight menu as a limited drink from September 1st to November 30th.

  • 2019/07/04

    We will hold a collaboration event with the restaurant "The Bistro" at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo."Mapple Juice x The Bistro weekend rewards beauty lunch" Enjoy the marriage of The Bistro and Mapple Juice. [Date] August 24, 2019 (Sat) [Time] Reception 12:30 / Start 13:00 [Venue] Hotel Building 4F Mahogany Room


  • 2019/09/19NEW

    [Changes in shipping charges due to changes in the consumption tax rate] From October 1st, the consumption tax rate on shipping charges will change from 8% to 10%. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 2019/07/11

    【Summer Holiday Closed】 It will be closed from 8/10 (Sat) to 18/18 (Sun). If you wish to ship before rest, please order / settle until 8/7 (Wednesday) (Please use the card or cash on delivery settlement.)


Name MACS Co.,Ltd.
Foundation October, 1988
Capital 20,000,000 yen
President Mari Yamada
Stock holder Maruyasu Industries Co.,Ltd.
[ ]
Business Retail sale of food & drinks, etc.
Management of cafeteria for emplyee
Number of employee 77
Registration Trademark (Mapple Juice)
Registration no.5108411/no.5192781
Temp agency registration no. toku23-305047
‘TABLE FOR TWO’in 2008
(food support for children in the developing countries)
Mapple juice Clients
Location 1 Kitayama , Hashimechou,Okazaki,
Aichi prefecture, Japan
TEL 0564-32-3600 
FAX 0564-32-5572
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